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Our mission is to provide local, healthy, pasture raised beef directly to the consumer while utilizing the cattle to regenerate the soil and improve the environment, making it more productive and sustainable for future generations.


Here at Twin Cedar Farms our cattle are born on pasture, raised on pasture, and finished on pasture. Everyday they are given a fresh buffet of grass and legumes as they rotate around our farm in a very low stress environment. This system provides a whole host of benefits for both the cattle and the environment. By moving the herd daily and never submitting them to the confinement of a typical feedlot, our cows stay healthy and we can eliminate the use of hormones and antibiotics. Our grazing practices combined with the cattle's ruminate abilities allow us to move away from synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides. We are able to regenerate the soil through increased organic matter and sequester carbon from the atmosphere. By keeping the soil covered with forage at all times, we are able to cycle more nutrients and increase water filtration preventing runoff from polluting our watershed.

For you the customer, these practices provide a healthier and more nutritious product that was raised with integrity. By selling to you directly, we have the chance to create a better relationship between the farmer and consumer. You have the opportunity to know exactly where your food is coming from, and the satisfaction of supporting our local small business, where we have a genuine regard for our animal's welfare and the environment. Ultimately, we aim to give you a quality, healthy product that provides a wonderful eating experience for you and your family.

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